Crashsite Game

After an incident in a secret US lab a doorway to an alien world: "the whirlpool" exploded into existence.
Out of it came the ships of extraterrestrials ready to terraform and colonize earth. Although their technology far surpasses
our own, there is still hope. US government delegates it's private contractor Daimonion to investigate the crash sites,
recover alien technology and find the ultimate solution to the alien threat.

Become a leader of a military private contractor designated by the U.S. government to combat alien intrusion.

Choose Your missions, you are the boss, and you choose what threat to take on next.

Chase down and battle aliens. Experience the direct battles with extraterrestrials, in mid air and on the ground.

Unlock new ships and weapons.

Explore the area around the whirlpool, the doorway to the alien world.

Guide your crew to victory in an open ended adventure!

As Captain Jay, you take control of a Space Jet deployed on an alien world.
 The Planet you're on is inhabited by Knagar, a race of big, green, self important
 bullies. You must fight your way thru, outsmart them and save the survivors.


EYE-POPPING. Check out the smooth High-res graphics suspended in a 3D world and immerse light effects: explosions, vortexes, thunders.

Intuitive, accelerometer and virtual speed slider make managing the ship a pure pleasure.

Fight floating drones, destroy Knagar ships, deal with gigantic worms before they swallow or electroduce your ship.

Save survivors and collect powerups, pick up keycards, deactivate force fields, also, using a handy minimap will ensure you won't get lost on one of 6 big levels.

Re-Arm your ship, use one of 6 weapons. Quark Dispeller or Anti-Matter Thrower? Or maybe powerful Mega Rockets?

ENERGIZE YOURSELF. Re-Charge your ship's battery by flying over heat bursting volcanoes. Then use the surplus to power your weapons and ship's energetic shield.

Enjoy humorous dialogs that  Space Trek is filled with.

Unforgettable cinematics add flavor to the game experience.

Play endlessly with survival mode and compete with other players around the world.




Play as Marco. Former Veteran, now fighting the global dictatorship along
with his friends from the resistance. Get deployed on a tactical operation to
 sabotage enemy "scrambler" devices.


HIDE AND SHOOT. Take Cover behind obstacles and hunt your enemies down.

FABLE. Feel the fast-paced action and get carried away by the game's plot.

GO! GO! GO! Explore 5 levels of pure unrefined fun.

GRAB YOUR GUN. Make good use of your handy UZI and stinger missiles.

TOUCH AND PLAY. Enjoy the intuitive controls.

Experience the dynamically lighted 3d environment and become blown away by an engine that pushes iPhone capabilities to the edge.

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